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Price: EUR 5,800,000
Type: Hotels Under 100 Rooms
Location: Piatra Fantanele, Romania
Year Built: 1983

I Am Dracula, the Vampire Count… and I Welcome You to My Land…


Welcome to Borgo Pass, the Romanian Dracula land, where the famous Irish novelist BRAM STOKER, the author of the famous novel published in 1897 imagined and located the fantastic CASTLE of the hero who shook the world, „DRACULA” -THE VAMPIRE COUNT. After the BIBLE, the fiction novel „DRACULA” takes the second place in the World - as it was translated in most languages around the world. In Bram Stoker's vision, here was the place where the dreadful vampire had the castle, as the region was described as follows: "... a more and more wild and uninhabited land. Many deep menacing precipices, many cascades, as if the nature would have celebrated a carnival once".

The fantastic „PASS” from the Bârgăului Mountains, which makes the connection between Transylvania and Bucovina, represents the most visiting attraction in the area. In this wonderful area, the „DRACULA” castle-hotel dates back since 1983 and is a landmark at the border between the counties of BISTRIŢA NĂSĂUD and SUCEAVA, located at the altitude of 1116 m not far from the National Road DN 17. The „DRACULA” castle-hotel which watches the large panorama of Bârgăului mountains, is the ideal place for both nature and comfort lovers. The medieval architecture of the castle and of the interior yard are impressing by their originality. The zone is imposing by the tonic climate, stimulating, with the air with high concentration of ozone and the highest of iodine in the country, creating, together with the natural factors, a curing environment for the treatment of asthenic neurosis, strain, convalescence, a good health status, for the bazedow patients, etc. With its unique picturesque, both in the summer and in the winter, the TIHUŢA area, an attraction and meeting spot for the mountain lovers, offers excellent conditions for the winter sports, being a real heaven of calm, health and recreation.

DRACULA- Dracula is a vampire, a ghost with red reflexes in the eyes, and very long canines, like wolves. He has supernatural powers, however he is submitted to a series of restrictions and even bans:
from the sunrise till the sunset, he has to lay on a soil bed, the only allowed thing being to move to another place, at noon. The crucifix paralyses him, the garlic smell chases him, a branch of wild rose bans his access, beside the fact that he cannot enter a house without being previously invited.

A spike thrust in the heart, when he cannot move, turns him back into dust.

 He can only cross waters during the high tide.

Otherwise, he is immortal, he can change, upon his wish, into a wolf or a bat, and can even give orders to these creatures, as well as to rats. Deprived from an adult’s wisdom, since the vampire status represents a regression, Dracula is not less artful, having a huge physical force and moving very fast. His thirst of blood is vulgar and unabated, obscene. His victims become „undead”, that is vampires like him, as they increase in number they turn into a formidable danger. The spike thrust into his heart returned count Dracula the eternal calm.

Hotel information:

Developed on a 16,576 square metres land area, the Castel Dracula hotel has a built-up area of 4097 square metres.

THE HOTEL disposes of 136 lodging places: 3 suites, 62 double rooms, and 2 triple rooms, equipped with bathroom, phone, TV, minibar, hair dryer.

The reception is located on the 1st floor, where guests can receive the „Dracula” visa on their passport and can purchase different souvenirs.

The Restaurant has two rooms: one for 30 seats and one for 70 seats. The Terrace has a capacity of 40 seats and offers a special view, as it is located at the 1st floor.

The Wine Cellar has a capacity of 110 seats and offers a large palette of dishes and beverages, as it is the favorite place for the celebration events that are organized here.

Count Dracula's Saloon has a capacity of 10 seats and is the ideal place for the meal, in an intimate and elegant atmosphere.

The day bar offers originality by the location in the hotel’s tower - offering a unique view to the surroundings. The hotel can host seminars and conferences in a unique ambiance, party nights with camp-fires and musicians, fancy balls (i.e. Halloween), picnics at the sheepfold, with camp-fires, festive meals for celebrating different events: New Year’s eve night, weddings, christening etc.

The hotel has a special room for its visitors: “the Count Dracula’s tomb”, located in the basement of the „Dracula” Castle Hotel where all guests are invited.

The hotel is situated in an area that stands out through its breathtaking views, the unique natural reservations and a community that continues to value tradition in these fast moving times.
Having the Transylvanian experience is becoming more accessible due to its growing infrastructure, integrated touristic tours and a national strategy that is focused on innovation and development. There are ongoing local and national projects for creating new touristic facilities and entertainment activities that will boost the development of this gorgeous area. We bet that The Count would be more than pleased to have its own Dracula Park, in the Borgo Pass!

It all started due to a legend and ignited by a brave idea, and now we can have the chance to create something that will last for centuries...

Property Highlights

  • Great location
  • Breathtaking views
  • Dracula's land

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Location: Romania | Piatra Fantanele