Five-star hotel, with a golf course, on the Costa del Sol.  (ID: 78305)


Price: EUR 15,000,000
Type: Hotels Under 100 Rooms
Location: Costa del Sol, Spain
Year Built: 1995

Five-star Hotel, with a Golf Course, on the Costa Del Sol.

The hotel has 94 luxury rooms. The furniture is in good condition. SPA, the area of ​​2 000 sq.m. Restaurant, golf club, professional shop, cafeteria, 18 hole golf course.
Costa del Sol is the southernmost coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Spain, which stretches from the city of Malaga to the Strait of Gibraltar. In translation, the name of this resort region means "shore of the sun". The resorts of Costa del Sol are considered the most prestigious and fashionable on the entire Spanish coast. Many celebrities, aristocrats and owners of large companies have chosen the Costa del Sol as a place for their residences. Here, picturesque and clean beaches stretch for many kilometers, and throughout the region of the coast there is an atmosphere typical of Andalusia, considered one of the richest in the culture and history of Spain's autonomies, which has its own unique color due to centuries-old customs and traditions. The climate here is mild and warm, and the total number of sunny days per year is significantly higher than in Spain as a whole, the bathing season on the Costa del Sol also lasts much longer than in other resort regions of the country.
The cost of the hotel is 15 000 000 euros + a commission of 5% of the price of the property. The hotel has not been functioning for the last five years. The golf course is in good condition. Sale directly from the bank and private individuals. The estimated cost of the hotel is 28-30 000 000 euros. The documents are ready for the deal. Additional information is provided upon the signing of the NDA and LOI by the potential acquirer.

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  • Great Location

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Location: Spain | Costa del Sol