Hotel Loans & Financing for Flagged and Unflagged Hotels – Acquisition, Construction and Refinancing Loans

Take advantage of the relationships we have built in the hotel loans and financing sector. Since 1998 we have been referring our clients to hotel lending institutions and in that time we have experienced the good, the bad and everything in-between from these companies. It has been a learning experience to say the least.

Hotel Financing Our network of hospitality and commercial real-estate sites has given you a great advantage. For starters, hotel loans companies are hungry for our client referrals. Our network of websites, products, services and traffic is a natural fit for their target market. The demand for our funnel of leads has put you in a favorable position in that if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

So, with that, expect better customer service, guidance, advice, integrity, honesty and no upfront fees from our chosen hotel financing company... a company that goes out of their way to make sure all your questions are answered and 100% satisfaction in your hotel loan is attained.

This team of professionals will work with you to develop your hotel loan application quickly, accurately and honestly to make the strongest case for you. Anyone can line up a great looking rate for you but this team takes the time to show you all the other “gotchas” that can overshadow any teaser rate.

What Makes This Finance Company Different?

  • Highly efficient and responsive
  • Customer needs approach
  • Unparalleled service approach unique to the lending industry
  • Transaction structure flexibility and efficiency creates competitive advantage

Hotel LoansWith this hotel finance company, you get the answers you need when you need them. You won't wait weeks for an initial loan approval, or see your closing dragged out for months. Part of what excites us about this hotel finance company is the belief that you don't have to be slow to be smart, a finance company can be thorough without being sluggish.

You will receive unparalleled service because they listen closely, and act intelligently on the information you share. By understanding your needs, they will deliver a hotel loan solution that's right for you. Being experts in finance they understand that each client's financial goals are unique, so they don't rely on loan templates. This means you'll benefit from customized, thoughtful loan structures that have your best interest in mind.

Allow us to introduce you to a team that focuses on getting you the right commercial loan and the right terms to fit your situation...

A company specializing in hotel financing for the placement of commercial mortgages for:

  • well known flagged hotel and motel properties – buy that Hilton or Holiday Inn
  • unflagged hotels, both small and large
  • hotel construction – the funding you need from the ground up
  • resorts – destination, all-inclusive, historic, spa, golf and more
  • plus, multi-family condominiums and apartment buildings

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